• Printed on heavy, paperboard
  • Keep 100% of your card sales revenue
  • DRM-Free audio files
  • Update content anytime

How do they work?

Each card has an unique, eight-digit code printed on the reverse. This code gains the cardholder access to a personalized download page at You decide how many times the code can be used to access the download page. Once downloaded, the music can be imported to any MP3 player (including the iPod) or burned to a CD.

You keep 100% of the revenue from card sales. And unlike iTunes and most other download services, you set your own price or use the cards for free distribution or promotion.

Ask us how you can allow your fans to redeem their cards on your website.

Questions? We're anxious to help! or call 866-964-3112. We're available Monday through Friday, 9 am to 6 pm (CST).

Getting started is easy.

• Upload artwork and MP3 files here
• Email order details here

Be sure to tell us your name as well as the name of your project. Include your daytime phone number, the quantity and style of card you want (plastic or paperboard), and shipping information. 


Soundtrax download card

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