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Packaging Options

There are countless options for packaging your media project. The following are the most popular. For more packaging ideas, please contact us and we'll gladly provide you with information and samples.

Jewel Case

The jewel case is the industry-standard package for compact discs. These clear plastic cases are inexpensive and provide total protection of the disc. Retailers love 'em because most display racks and anti-theft devices have been designed around them.


The Digipak is a rugged cardboard sleeve folded around a plastic tray in which the compact disc sits. They are beautiful, but in quantities under 2500 significantly more expensive than the jewel case.

Mini Sleeve

The mini-sleeve is printed on heavy paperboard. It looks like an old-fashioned LP sleeve. These are perfect for singles and promotional releases. They are too slender for most retailers anti-theft devices, and therefore not recommended for conventional retail environments.

Full Color, CMYK, Process


Also known as Process Color, 4-color or CMYK. Full color printing is the defacto standard for all Noiseland jobs.

Grayscale, Black and White

Black & White

Less is more. A very elegant alternative to full color. Most projects are printed as full color on the cover and black & white on the interior pages.

Grayscale, Black and White

Spot Colors

A third option is printing with spot colors. The sample shown is a two color duotone using the colors black and blue. Spot colors can be used alone, or in various blends as duotones, tritones, etc. This option is more expensive as it requires special inks and printer setup.

Grayscale, Black and White

CD Label Printing

The CD face is printed using the screen printing process. It is common to print full color CD labels, or to use spot color seperations. More information on CD label printing is available in the Expert Design area.

How to submit files

The following formats are standard to Noiseland. Other formats are acceptable - please contact us in advance of delivering your project.


  • PC
  • Macintosh


  • CD-R
  • Email
  • FTP


  • Quark¬†Xpress
  • Adobe In Design
  • Adobe¬†Illustrator
  • Adobe Photoshop

Printing Proofs

Noiseland provides electonic proofs (PDF) and/or digital color proofs for computer-to-plate (CTP) printing.

Paper Stock

Noiseland uses 100# aqueous-coated paper stock. The weight of this paper gives your printed insert a nice snap, and the aqueous-coat resists fingerprints. Other paper stocks are available upon request.

If you have any questions about the information presented on this page, please contact Noiseland.


Templates are available as PC or Macintosh Adobe InDesign, Illustrator, Photoshop, and QuarkXPress documents.

Jewel Case Templates Specs PC Mac
tmp_2p.gif 2 Panel Insert i_specs.gif i_win.gif i_mac.gif
tmp_4p.gif 4 Panel Folder i_specs.gif i_win.gif i_mac.gif
tmp_6p.gif 6 Panel Folder i_specs.gif i_win.gif i_mac.gif
tmp_8pg_bklt.gif 8 Page Booklet i_specs.gif i_win.gif i_mac.gif
tmp_8pg_roll.gif 8 Panel Roll Fold i_specs.gif i_win.gif i_mac.gif
tmp_8pPoster.gif 8 Panel Poster Fold i_specs.gif i_win.gif i_mac.gif
Tray Card Template Specs PC Mac
tmp_tray.gif Tray Card i_specs.gif i_win.gif i_mac.gif
Digipak Template Specs PC Mac
tmp_digi4p.gif 4 Panel i_specs.gif i_win.gif i_mac.gif
Mini-sleeve Template Specs PC Mac
tmp_sleeve.gif Mini-sleeve i_specs.gif i_win.gif i_mac.gif
CD Imprint Template Specs PC Mac
tmp_cd.gif CD Imprint i_specs.gif i_win.gif i_mac.gif

Noiseland Industries provides these templates as a service to professional graphic designers. If you have any questions about the set-up of your graphics files, don't see the template you need, or would benefit from technical support in the use of these templates, please contact us at (866) 788-1659 or